Video from Lagerhaus

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Thanks to Sönke Heuer & Johanna Fastenau for making the video!

Review from Lagerhaus, Bremen


Review from Slattery´s, Delmenhorst


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The Chamber of Walls

A nice conversation over dinner & drinks with guitarist Axel Nyström last night in Stockholm about how to proceed with making music in the digital age. We thought on “mystification” and what different expressions it takes. What positive and negative effects does it have to present yourself as something bigger, scarier, nicer, more fucked up, more sexy, cleaver, then you are, on social media? To be able to edit your every word? To present yourself, and have the control of that. Also we stretched a little bit around selling music on demand. Just producing music for them who already said they would like to hear it. Would that be a way? In garages and storage spaces around the world there are piles of physical CD´s in boxes not seeing the daylight, bought and shipped for lots of money. To see there listeners? No, to create an graveyard for plastic, discs & nice tries.

Waldemaar as a project started with me, Martin, singing songs in Berlin with an acustic guitar. Turned in to a group of five with Waldemaar as both a name for my persona and a band name. It have been a lose form, witch is both a possibility for creativity, a freedom and a sometime negative vagueness that over shadow message. Looking at Waldemaar at steps, we can call this, what´s going on now, a third step. What will this turn in to? What if this is not a music project? What if this is a music project becoming a blog? An online harbour for, or of, something? I stand only curious in this.

I will keep thinking. Keep options and ideas that you have sent to my e-mail since first post, yesterday 8/11 – 13. Answer all of them. It feels nice to be in those questions around the indiependent artistic reality. It feels like finally doing music again.

The goal is not making a big name or big money. It´s just trying to see and orientate in our time. See what´s possible.


Trailer to ”Unsound” raise some important & interesting questions around the reality for indiependent artists in the digital age. Me is dealing back and forth here on how to proceed with coming releases. Letting things go for free more or less, means Spotify, Itunes etc, or go to the other extreme of releasing vinyls in limited editions? CD print or not? Cassette? And in the tail of that also question like: What is the importance of the “surprise” when releasing music? Is there a way of creating another kind of artist/audience relation? What is the new, yet not discovered, way of releasing music? All ideas and thoughts are welcome & needed, even essential. My wish is that the new album ”Joko”, that is on it´s way, will be released in the kind of way that you wish and not how I think you want it. Help me shape this show. Release a record, by dialog.
Write and react in the language you like.
I´ve got a big pile of translation books.


Link to “Unsound”.


Solo show in Jugendzentrum Huchting in Bremen 26th of April. More info to come!

NEW BOOKING: Gewoelbe Vegesack, 25th April 2014.

Happy to announce today that I will do a solo show at Gewoelbe Vegesack in Bremen, 25th of April 2014.